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We feel that we offer a unique experience at PhysWell providing individualized one-on-one and hands on treatment, focused on getting you back to normal life as quickly as possible. This model limits the confusion and hassel of an insurance-based model, eliminating surprise bills, and unnecessary medical appointments, leading to quicker recovery to get you back to moving, playing, and living a pain-free life. 


This may seem like it should be the norm within healthcare, but due to limitations set by insurance companies, providing one-on-one personalized treatments is becoming more and more scarce. This, along with confusing contractual obligations, authorization processes, and poor reimbursement for physical therapy care leading to high patient volumes within PT clinics, you can imagine, this leads to care that is less than what is deserved. 


Also, within the state of Florida, Direct Access is allowed within physical therapy, meaning that you are able to see a physical therapist without a referral from a physician. Although this is legal, many insurance companies continue to require a referral from a physician before seeing a  physical therapist. This leads to poor outcomes because the longer it takes for you to see a physical therapist when pain is present, the longer it takes to get better. Direct access allows us to skip a step that is often unnecessary before seeing a physical therapist that is skilled in treating musculoskeletal disorders while screening for more serious pathology. 


By choosing PhysWell, we promise to invest in you just as you are investing in yourself. In the long run you will save money by seeing us since we strive to get you better faster while giving you the tools and knowledge to be an active participant in the process. No surprise bills, no hassle, no confusion, only high quality care, every time.