Molly V.

"Lauren is such an incredible coach and mentor. She helped me through this (core correction) program remotely and I can say it worked so well! I can see a drastic change in my posture as well as the tightness of my core. She gives you exercises and cues to utilize throughout the day that FIT IN YOUR DAILY ROUTINE. You don't need to set aside time to "do your exercises." They just fit into your rhythm. Thank you so much for educating me and walking me though how to engage my core properly after two pregnancies."


"Hi Lauren, my shoulder pain was gone yesterday and this morning. Thank you so much for being an expert in your field, quickly diagnosing me and applying effective techniques to my pain."


"Lauren has been a God send to my health. She is very knowledgable and an amazing PT. She was able to get me back to a neck-pain free life and be able to work out agian. She is my go-to for any pain issues, highly recommend her! 


"I suffer from neck and shoulder pain, which cause horrible migraines to the point where I cant sleep at night, and Lauren has been a life saver! Shes the only one thats been able to give me great relief, even just after the visit! I love Physwell's approach to therapy; very individualized and with a great focus on manual work. They are very compassionate, knowledable and resourceful. Five stars all the way!"