PhysWell Athlete Highlight - Nicole Mendenhall

"My kids and family feel at home at PhysWell. They feel at home at a place where they witness a community of people getting stronger, trying new things, pushing themselves past new limits on a daily basis." - Nicole M.

Get to Know Nicole!

I am Nicole Mendenhall, Texas born and North Carolina raised. I am Wife of Max, "Coco" (step-mom) of Rowan and Keanu, and Mom of Wade. Lover of red wine and growing in my faith.  I have lived in Texas, Delaware, North Carolina, Kansas, Dominican Republic and Sweden. We are a bustling blended family who is trying to glean the most out of this life. During the day I am a software product manager- think exciting stuff like designing corporate tax software. My husband Max is a software developer. We are nerds at heart. 

Greatest challenge(s) when it comes to physical training?

The hardest part of getting to training for me is just getting myself (and family) to the parking lot and in the door. My saving grace is that my kids and my husband love going to the gym. They keep me accountable. My dream would be to be a morning gym person and have it knocked out before work. My husband could attest, I am not my finest in the early hours. It’s a work in progress. 

This body of mine has birthed one large baby boy, and still a year later is recovering from it. The Physwell family of coaches are always helping me to modify the workouts to help strengthen and rebuild the core and pelvic floor muscles.

Greatest victories up to this point at the training facility?

I freaking climbed the rope guys, post baby! This is crazy!! When I joined the gym I was over 25 lbs heavier than I stand today, and now my wedding dress hangs loose on me. Ultimately I think the greatest victory up to this point at Physwell is the community I am now a part of. My kids and family feel at home at Physwell. They feel at home at a place where they witness a community of people getting stronger, trying new things, pushing themselves past new limits on a daily basis.

What are you working towards at PhysWell? 

My current goals, if we’re being honest, is for this mama to make it through a workout without peeing my pants! With the support of Lauren Shute educating mothers and others about real life problems post-partum, I feel comfortable putting it out there and not feeling ashamed/embarrassed.  Second to that, I am dying to do a pull up and become a faster and stronger runner!

I just started Physwell's Personal Training Program.  They developed a program specific to me and my goals.  Over the next few months I am going through the Core Correction Program with Lauren, I am working with the team, one-on-one, specifically on pull-ups and running.  I also started the Macros Nutrition Program with Rob. I have very high hopes and will keep you all updated on reach my goals!

What would you say to a member or non-member who faces adversity in their fitness journey? Just show up :-) Start, and start again.  Trust the process. We are all on a journey. The programming and coaching at Physwell partners alongside you and your family. Allow yourself to be supported!

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