We treat a variety of pelvic floor related conditions including stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence, pain with intercourse, symptoms of prolapse, constipation, SI joint dysfunction, sciatic, diastasis rectus, vulvodynia and vestibulodynia, etc. We also treat parinatally with pregnancy specific myofascial release to relieve pain, and improve pelvic mobility for birth. Our pelvic floor therapist treats in-office or in home for your comfort and convenience.

Woman's Health & Pelvic Floor Rehab

This program is designed to help patients learn how to find, engage and strengthen their transverse abdominis (TA) to help overall stability, decrease and prevent low back pain, improve stress incontinence, and decrease diastasis rectus. This program is now virtual and can be purchased HERE.

Core Correction Program

TPI Level 2 Training

Our level 2 trainer is able to screen for strength, power and cardiovascular fitness, and a complete picture of the player’s level of fitness is ascertained. After proper assessment, effective training programs are developed to support the findings, first through the base foundation of mobility and stability, and then through proper strength and power progressions.

Movement Correction & Personal Training


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