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Core Correction Program

Do you have back pain, hip pain, incontinence, symptoms of prolapse, diastasis rectus, the “mommy pooch” or a general sense of core instability?

This 6-week program allows for neuromuscular re-education on use of your deep core (the transverse abdominis).


Session one consists of a full core assessment performed by Dr. Lauren Shute and sessions 2-6 occur weekly, individually, and are roughly 20-minutes long.


The exercises for this program can be performed anywhere at anytime and will help you regain the core stability your body craves for overall wellness.


Virtual sessions are available for your convenience. 

$199 for 6-Week Program

Strong Shoulders Program

Do you have difficulty or discomfort with overhead lifting, pull-ups, push-ups, or just want stronger shoulders? This program is designed to build “bulletproof” shoulders. 


This 6-week online programming includes 20 shoulder strengthening and scapular stability workouts to promote strong rotator cuffs and decrease the risk of shoulder pain.


It includes one initial in-person session with Dr. Jackson Tyler to review and initiate the program as well as 1 optional follow-up session within the 8 weeks.



Program includes video presentations of exercises as well as detailed schedule for program to achieve the best results.


Now is the time to take care of the shoulders before it becomes a problem and limits your ability to perform and function.

$199 for 6 week Program


Body Work Package

The Body Work Package is designed for those that have frequent difficulty recovering from workouts or aches and irritations.

Included with this monthly membership is one 30-minute session with our doctors of physical therapy to assist in recovery, soreness, stretching, and stability to increase your ability to perform at your sport.

Our goal at PhysWell is to get you performing at your best while preventing pain and limitations. This program is built to assist in reaching your goals without roadblocks along the way.

$45 per month*

*recurring membership unless canceled in writing