As a lifelong athlete, I've encountered my share of aches, pains, and injuries. These experiences fueled my dream of a career in Physical Therapy. After graduating from the University of North Florida with a Bachelors in Exercise Science, I completed my graduate studies from the University of St. Augustine with a focus in manual therapy.

After having my first child, I realized that without my knowledge in physical therapy, I would have been lost when it came to rehabilitating my core/pelvic floor and was determined to help educate as many women as possible. 


The Challenge

While clinically practicing in Outpatient therapy I was shocked about the limitations from insurance companies.  I felt I was unable to spend the needed time with my patients to provide quality care. I had 2-3 patients on my schedule at any given time, and it was rare that I had the time to provide the needed manual therapy to help my patients recover. 


My Why

I am committed to treating clients one-on-one with a focus in hands-on therapy with little to no limitations. We provide in-office, in-home, and virtual sessions so that no limitation is too big to overcome. I am passionate about helping people be the best version of themselves through rehabilitative and preventative care.

Studied under the Paris & Patla model with a high emphasis in manual therapy.  Completed multiple additional manual therapy courses targeting the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine as well as the sacrum.  Upon graduating,received the Paris & Patla award for excellence in manual therapy.

  • D.P.T. (Doctoral of Physical Therapy) - University of St. Augustine

  • B.S. (Bachelor of Exercise Science) - University of North Florida  

Studied exercise prescription and dosing as well as the biomechanics behind the principles. 

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Women's Health Specialist


After working in the Orthopedic and Sports physical therapy setting since gaduating physical therapy school, I have realized how important it was to move well and move often. I even noticed with my own body, the more I exercised, and focused on personal lifestyle factors ouside of the gym, I became less painful. With this revelation, I made a promise to myself that I was going to spread this knowledge and understanding gained throughout the years as a Doctor of Physical Therapy to as many people as possible.


I decided that the best way to provide the highest quality of care was to become the most skilled in all factors of health and fitness. I then achieved the highest certification within orthopedic physical therapy by studying and passing an exam to become an Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS), I took continuing education classes to become a Certified Prevention and Health Promotion Therapist, and I completed and passed the Crossfit seminarccourse to become a Crossfit Level-1 Trainer.


The Challenge

With all of this added knowledge and experienec I set out to provide a whole life approach to decrease pain, increase performance, and address lifestyle factors, not only to get my patients back to normal but to allow them to thrive.


But while working in a traditional physical therapy setting, accepting most insurances, I began to hit roadblock ofter roadblock, limiting my ability to provide my patients with the best treatment available to them. I had spent years in school and years out of school becoming an expert in movement medicine but was continuously being dictated by third-party payers how to provide my services.

My Why

I think at this point it is obvious why I joined the team at PhysWell. We have the pleasure to provide the highest quality of care. When it comes down to it, this is just good rehab, the way that it is supposed to be. My passion is treatment of the young athlete, fitness athletes, golfers, and runners, working on prevention and promotion of healthy lifestlyes.

  • D.P.T. (Doctoral of Physical Therapy) - University of St. Augustine

While at the University of St. Augustine a spark was ignited that fueled my fire to become a highly skilled and knowldgeable orthopdic, manual physical therapist with a fitness driven mindset. This fire guided me on my path to become an Orthopedic Specialist and evantually join the PhysWell Rehab team

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Orthopedic Certified Specialist



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